The Story

CEO and designer Elisabeth Laursen is from the small country of Denmark. Though raised on the Danish countryside Elisabeth was fascinated by aesthetics, arts and fashion from a very young age. As soon as she was able to hold a pen she started drawing. Later on in her teens she began painting and fashion designing and in 2013 she made her very first jewelry designs - bracelets in semi-precious stones, gold and mink and her brand Elisabeth of Scandinavia was created. 

Her first fan and investor in the company was her beloved grandfather. Wanting to support his granddaughters dream he gave her a contribution to start her small business. He has always believed in her talents and along with Elisabeth's mom he was a great support in her life. However life took a turn for Elisabeth when she a while later lost her grandfather. She stopped designing and left all of her gemstones, gold and fur in the cupboard. 

But she never forgot about her dreams and visions of making Elisabeth of Scandinavia an international exclusive jewelry brand - and in the end of 2016 she picked up designing her bracelets again and now she is back with stronger designs than ever, not only selling in Scandinavia but also in Europe and the Middle East.

All Elisabeth of Scandinavia's jewelry is handmade in Scandinavia and each piece is strung together by hand. And for the time being Elisabeth still has all items through her competent and creative hands before they are shipped to her customers and retailers.

Elisabeth hand picks all the materials in her collections and designs all styles herself. All gemstones, crystals, gold and the mink skins from Kopenhagen Fur. And with quality as her trademark and her distinct eclectic taste for luxury only the best is good enough. Elisabeth is constantly designing and creating new pieces and styles and a great part of the designing process revolves around customizing personalized pieces for those of her customers wanting a unique one of a kind piece of jewelry, guaranteed that no one else will ever have the same piece.  

"This is an amazing adventure and I'm loving every second of it. Being able to work with my passion is a great privilege.... And this is still only the beginning".